Our Working Process »

We do our work in systematic order to get the result in time, within budget and the most important concern is to fulfill client business requirements. Our systematic approach is as follows:

1.Fact Finding

During the first meeting both of us will get the opportunity to know each other but for us it is more important to know more about you, and your business process. This is the phase where we can get some important facts for the website and from those facts we can estimate the budget and project duration (time).
2. Requirements Analysis
After collecting raw data from you we conduct business requirements analysis (technical and non-technical analysis) for your website, this will help us to achieve your goals you have expected in your website. The main focus of this phase is to identify your actual vision you have seen from your website.
3.Mockup, Design and Development
After identifying your business requirements we provide Mock up (Sketch) designs (Demo), if you are satisfied with the mockup , we start to work on design and development of your website where you can see the actual layouts, and functionality in your website.    
We have very specific testing method to check whether your website is up to that level you have expected from us or not, mostly we check browser compatibility, code optimization (this is what we do very seriously) and the functionalities of the website.
Finally, your custom website is ready to take off; we do all work to make the site live (Domain Registration, Hosting, and Uploading), at the same time we provide you tips to do SEO and Marketing.
Now, it is time to train you how your website works, we provide user manual in very simple steps to add, update, remove and view the contents. We use WordPress for CMS, one of the best for SEO so you are also going to learn How to do SEO by yourself throughout our training.
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